Microchipping of cats campaign

Dear Sir, — As the UK’s largest cat charity, Cats Protection has been marking national microchipping month this June by renewing our calls for compulsory microchipping of owned cats.
Cats and dogs are both much-loved pets by owners across the UK. Yet currently, microchipping is only compulsory for dogs, and we believe this should also apply to cats, so they have the same level of protection.
Microchipping is a safe, permanent and cost-effective method of identification which ensures cats can be reunited with their owner should they go missing and that lost cats are not mistaken as strays by rehoming charities.
It also ensures owners can be notified if their cat has been injured or killed in a road accident. Cats Protection encourages local councils to scan any cats they collect that have died in road accidents for a microchip so their owners can be informed.
Cats Protection will continue campaigning on this important issue, and readers can keep updated by visiting www.cats.org.uk — Yours faithfully,

Head of advocacy and government relations,
Cats Protection,
National Cat Centre.

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