Mr Grumpy....17th October, 2019

Some things are predictable, sometimes reassuringly so.
If I have the radio on in the car, it’s usually Radio Five: it’s aimed at intelligent people who want to know the Americans are about to launch a brace of thermo-nuclear missiles at Russia.
But if I’ve set off at 4.30am so I can drive 200 miles to get into the office before the locals, to prove a point about work ethic, and I’m nodding off on the M40, I put on Virgin Radio and listen to Chris Evans.
He’s undoubtedly lively, hard to fall asleep to and certainly not someone I’d want jabbering away in the background if I was attempting a romantic evening. But for stopping me from banging into the back of a Polish artic, he’s the man, not least because he annoys me simply because he’s ginger.

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