Mr Grumpy....26th September

I went to see the Downton Abbey film last weekend.
I was going to write a review for the reviews page, that consisted of just one word — “superficial”, or maybe “predicable” — but I couldn’t be bothered, which in itself brings new meaning to the word lazy.
To be fair, it was an easy couple of hours. Far less taxing than watching, say, the Eurovision Song Contest, which, it must be said, should be reported to trading standards on the basis it includes several countries outside Europe, Finland never actually enters a song, just someone from the local asylum dressed as a cross between a giant goat and a 1980s Dr Who monster while grunting and, finally, because it’s not actually a contest — most of the voting is rigged, if not totally jingoistic or based on hatred (Ireland would rather vote for a farting French dog than the UK entry).

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