Mr Grumpy....6th June, 2019

A few things got my dander up this week.
I spend a worrying amount of time in Tesco. I still say they are nice folk, but they run out of too much stuff and the whole shopping exercise takes much longer than it should because I have to put my reading glasses on to see if my gammon has to be eaten within two hours. And have you tried to even find the sell-by date on a cucumber or pack of asparagus tips? Then I have to put my normal glasses back on to drive the trolley, for fear of running over a couple of pensioners who decide to hold a bloody reunion in the middle of the frozen veg aisle, or some school mums who want to brag about their kid’s exam results or gossip about someone shagging someone else’s husband and abandon their trolleys by the feminine hygiene section. Isn’t that what Facebook was invented for? It’s a supermarket, not a bloody community centre, doctor’s waiting room or mums and toddlers group.

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