My arthritis makes cycling impossible 

Dear Sir, — I have a few points to make in reply to Coun Akers Smith regarding cycling, with a particular emphasis on Congleton.
She mentioned that cycling is no problem for people who suffer from arthritis. 
As an elderly lady who does suffer from arthritis I would like to know how she can make such a sweeping statement as I would find cycling impossible. 
Lack of movement in my hips and back would prevent it and as these joints are extremely painful I believe that would also be a factor.
Asking cyclists to dismount in our “pedestrian” area would increase their journey time. Oh dear, what a shame. How does she think she would feel if, like me, struggling to walk through town, she was faced with adult male cyclists whizzing by at close quarters? 
I can assure her that it feels quite frightening. I have yet to be in town and not meet oncoming cyclists.
So no, I don’t see cyclists in Bridge Street as saving the planet but as arrogant people who choose not to observe the “ advisory” blue signs and make my shopping trips fraught.
Please Coun Smith, have a little compassion for the elderly of Congleton who would prefer to be able to walk through the shopping area without the very real fear of being knocked down by a cyclist having “fun”. — Yours faithfully,
PS. I have been a cyclist in the past and also a great walker but she should understand that life changes.