My second thought wasn’t considered

Dear Sir, — This week’s front page’s main story was Olga Whitmore’s suggestion to “green” the Rood Hill wall.
Your reporter had asked my opinion on it at Olga’s suggestion.
I copied him my email to Olga in which I had told her I did not like it. I also sent him, as he had asked me by telephone, a better organised, positive, response.
I made suggestions about it which, in my opinion, might do the job in an organic way, done by professional gardeners as employed by the council, and hence with no danger of creating an eyesore and being organic.
Unfair to me, your reporter reported the story purely as a for and against.
The opposition I had first shown to the idea was reported but not my second thoughts, which were supportive.
I know that just for and against can make for a more interesting story — red top journalism.
But unfair to me. And not a good thing for an apprentice reporter to get into. — Yours faithfully,


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