Neighbourhood plan disregarded

Dear Sir, — I am writing to inform you of a meeting of the full Staffordshire Moorlands District Council meeting that was being held at Leek yesterday (Wednesday) at 6.30pm.
I understand, the sole item for discussion was that the Gillow Heath fields, ie land off York Close / Portland Drive and off Beaumont Close behind Congleton Road, be taken out of the greenbelt and designated as safeguarded sites.
As a long-term resident of York Close, and speaking on behalf of neighbours and friends, we feel you would like to be made aware of the following.
On 8th May, Biddulph town councillors, including those at district level, all voted through a draft of the neighbourhood plan policies, identifying these fields as a vital site within the nature recovery network for the town. 
They also supported the York Close field being put forward as a local greenspace.
However, this all seems to have been overlooked. We have all written to our local councillors, including those at district level, expressing our concern, and asking a number of questions.
We all feel strongly that this is an important local matter, and felt that you would want to be made aware of the deep concern that this seeming disregard for the neighbourhood plan, is causing. — Yours faithfully,


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