No apology from local Labour Party

Dear Sir, — It is a disgrace that Jo Dale, who is now a local town councillor, not only defended a blatantly anti-Semitic mural after Jeremy Corbyn had called it anti-Semitic but she also redistributed the anti-Semitic image on line!
In my view (I am a Jewish person, not from Alsager but I shop there and have many friends there) Mrs Dale should resign from Alsager Town Council. She should also be removed from the Labour Party.
Labour keeps telling us all that anti-Semitism has no place within it but it’s frankly hard to believe when things like this happen — Mrs Dale was their general election candidate after all and the local party will have known about her views which were publicly made on social media. 
I notice that there has been no mention of this incident and no apology from the local Labour Party either.
 For Simon Bishop, a former Labour chair of Alsager Town Council, to then write in to the Chronicle defending Mrs Dale’s anti-Semitism and telling us to focus on “the real issues that matter to local people now” also beggars belief. 
I am a local person and anti-Semitism is an issue that certainly matters to me!
I am sure that anti-Semitism and racism and dealing with them where they occur matter to a lot of local people.
I voted Labour in the general election but now I am angry and ashamed that I did. 
I hope swift and proper action now follows both from Alsager Town Council and from the Labour Party. — Yours faithfully,