No effort to correct untrue statement

Dear Sir, — I was interested to read the letter from Coun Sam Corcoran in last week’s paper where he questioned why neither the acting monitoring officer or the acting section 151 Officer attempted to correct the assurance given by Coun Paul Bates at the July 2017 council meeting that the £2.4m allocation to Ansa was only a loan. 
As he states in his letter, one reason could be that neither officer could speak unless called to do so.
Coun Corcoran will be well aware of the efforts that I have made to establish the truth over this issue and will also be aware that Coun Bailey has stated that she will not debate this issue with me, albeit that she constantly trumpets what an open and transparent organisation she runs.
One question that I really do not understand is why no councillor has yet asked why no Cabinet member corrected Coun Bates’s misleading statement before the vote was taken 
It has been suggested that things can be missed in the heat of a debate but, if anyone is prepared to spend a few minutes listening to the tape of the debate on the Cheshire East Council website, they will immediately see that there was no heated debate of any kind.
When Coun Bates spoke at the meeting he was proposing acceptance of a Cabinet proposal, so every Cabinet member present at that meeting, including Coun Bailey, would have instantly known that the assurance given by Coun Bates was wrong and, if allowed to continue, would result in a false vote in council — which is what happened.
Could I suggest that Coun Corcoran, or one of his colleagues, simply ask Coun Bailey why she did not make any effort to correct the untrue statement before the vote was taken?
Coun Corcoran questions what the council leadership has to hide, and I believe that to be a legitimate suspicion. 
There were at least six Cabinet members in attendance at the meeting in question so what does their combined silence indicate?
If Coun Bailey runs an open and transparent administration the question should be easy for her to answer — but the question needs to be put to her from an elected councillor. — Yours faithfully,


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