No more pleasure in joy of open road 

Dear Sir, — Readers will be aware that car sales and automotive manufacturing in the UK has been under pressure since the VW diesel scandal was uncovered.
Then we have to consider the uncertainty over what power plants the Government will approve or ban in the next few years which leaves most motorists stumped.
Worse still, our roads are strewn with potholes that break our cars. Cats’ eyes or road studs are never repaired making driving at night hazardous. Roads are choked with traffic all day long and around every bend is a jobs worth with a speed camera.
There is no pleasure in the joys of the open road any more; it’s more the perils of the broken road so why bother buying a new car? 
Lastly, it would appear that UK transport decisions are being strongly influenced by a teenage Swedish eco idiot savant who wants to ban everything apart from sailing ships and cycling.
Therefore while many of us would like a new car and could afford to improve our wheels, there is just no point in even thinking about it until some sanity and clarity returns to UK transport policy. — Yours faithfully,

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