No time to upload pictures of herself 

Dear sir, — I was quite surprised by the headline story on the front page of the Chronicle on 26th December, two whole weeks after the general election, regarding a photograph of Karen Bradley campaigning in Werrington uploaded onto her Facebook page said to be on polling day.
Surely it was obvious to all that this was an error, I am sure Karen in her very busy schedule that day did not have the time to sit in front of a computer to upload photographs of herself.
It was not surprising though that the Staffordshire Moorlands Political discussion Facebook page, made up of a majority of Labour Party supporters, just couldn’t resist trying to score points regarding this photograph. Unfortunately for them it backfired and Karen Bradley’s majority increased.
I would like to congratulate Karen on her success and hope that she continues to work hard for the voters who have once again put their faith in her.
Listening to radio and television reports, and reading newspapers following the election results, it seems the Labour Party is still having problems understanding why it lost so many seats. 
Apart from its failure to accept the result of the EU referendum, it was making so many major financial investment promises it was obvious that the country would end up in the same situation as when it last left Government and Liam Byrne’s infamous “There’s no money” note.
On another note, getting away from politics, may I wish all supporters and friends of The Friends of Newpool Meadows a very happy healthy new year. A special thank you to Couns Hilda Sheldon, Ian Lawson and John Redfern. Last but not least the vice chairman Malcolm Wragg for all his hard work maintaining the footpaths and generally keeping the area tidy, not forgetting his very supportive wife Glenys. — Yours faithfully,