No wonder so many drive to hospital

Dear Sir, — For the last six months my wife and I have unfortunately had to travel from Sandbach to Leighton Hospital for many appointments, some weeks on several occasions. 
Due to my medical condition it has been impossible to drive myself, and my wife doesn’t drive, so we have had to rely on the good nature of others or use public transport, which we try to do anyway. 
This situation has made us aware of how poor the 317 bus service is from Sandbach to the hospital, which has a scheduled journey time of less than 30 minutes.
Due to uneven scheduling, we have frequently had to arrive at the hospital more than 90 minutes before an appointment time, and conversely have had to wait over 90 minutes for a bus on the return trip. Also as the last bus leaving the hospital is 5.15pm, on occasion we have had to call someone to pick us up or get a taxi.
Congleton, Holmes Chapel and Middlewich are much better served, with the No42 bus service giving a more frequent mostly hourly service, and additionally, the last bus leaves the hospital at 5.45pm, 30 minutes later than the 317 service.
On occasions a 15-minute appointment has taken over four hours from Sandbach to the hospital and back. No wonder it is a problem to find a car park space at the hospital! — Yours faithfully,