Only one answer  to multiple choice 

Dear Sir, — Who doesn’t like a pub quiz?
Multiple choice, no prizes.
Question one.
You are our prime minister. The world is struck by a pandemic. Across the world businesses are hit hard, supply chains are disrupted. Stock markets slide. The world economy plunges towards recession.
To address the economic situation do you:
(A) Keep calm, carry on, cooperate with other world governments but particularly with your best and nearest customer to keep the economy on track? 
(B) Engage in rushed, pointless, acrimonious, willy-waving trade negotiations with your best and nearest customer that even you accept will damage the economy further and will lead to the employment of 50,000 more people just to cope with extra red tape and the ensuing self-imposed chaos? 
(C) Blame the EU for all your economic problems? 
If you answered A well done! Right answer. You might survive.
If you answered B you’re an idiot that doesn’t deserve to survive.
If you answered C then you’re still an idiot and don’t deserve to survive but you have no sense of responsibility for your own actions so probably won’t worry or care one way or the other.
There is no question two. —Yours faithfully,