Overwhelmed by the world news

Dear Sir, — Mike and I visited the Dorothy Clive Garden. This was in memory of my dad, who would have been 107 years old, if he’d lived.
On our way home, we heard on the radio about the arrest of a person in connection with the fire at Haslington Hall, a local Elizabethan building.
At home, a friend called me. She wondered whether I had heard about the sudden death of one of our classmates – in 1958. That’s a long time ago, so why would I know!
This week, I’m overwhelmed by world news, from many aspects of my own life.
I’ve watched Jodrell Bank be declared a World Heritage Site. But I couldn’t find my usual way past it recently, as the lovely little cottages nearby, were abandoned in favour of a huge development, with accompanying lorries.
Approaching the area from the other side, there was even traffic control for many weeks, to enable yet another set of supermarket and houses to be built.
How quickly times change! — Yours faithfully,


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