Parking charges – enough already

Dear Sir, — It is now more than six months since you published the story “Labour councillors call for car parking charges to be introduced in Alsager and Sandbach”.
Some local Labour members continue to insist that I may have misunderstood what was reported. 
Having listened to the recording of the meeting where the reported remarks were made, I believe the Chronicle article to be accurate and factually correct What’s more, there is an issue about the tone in which the reported comments were made.
One Labour councillor shouted that it was time the disparity on car parking charges was done away with. The recording leaves no doubt he was calling for charges to be introduced in the former Congleton borough towns.
Cheshire East Labour councillors have been making similar comments for many years, some of them before the current Labour leader was first elected to Cheshire East Council.
These comments may have been well received in Crewe and Macclesfield where most Labour councillors represent.
However, they were not so well received in Alsager, Middlewich, Holmes Chapel and Sandbach.
Are some local Labour Party members trying to rewrite history? — Yours faithfully,
Editor’s note: Cheshire East Council Labour councillors clearly favour uniform parking charges across the borough, Alsager’s Labour Party does not want parking charges in Alsager (or Sandbach). It is true to say that Labour as a whole supported parking charges, which presumably would apply in Alsager if applied at borough level. It is equally true that Alsager Labourites have not called for parking charges. Unless anyone has anything fresh to add other than “yes we did, no we didn’t”, this topic is now closed. It is up to candidates on the doorstep to explain what they meant! 

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