Plan for Padgbury Lane much betterĀ 

Dear Sir, — I would like to thank Congleton Town Council for organising the Padgbury Lane mitigation plan held at Quinta School last Monday.
This final plan is so much better than the original proposal. 
The plan now gives some priority to our most vulnerable road users, namely pedestrians, wheelchair users and cyclists, where the original proposal was totally about the car. 
I think more could be done to increase the safety of vulnerable road users, such as giving priority to pedestrians and wheelchair users crossing minor roads and reducing the speed limit on Padgbury Lane to 20mph, but perhaps that will be done in the future.
I have also noticed that many roadworks in Cheshire East have a sign regarding cyclists. 
Some do say “cyclists dismount” but others provide a safe route through roadworks for cyclists where there is no route for vehicular traffic. 
It does seem that Cheshire East Council is listening to and acting upon residents’ concerns. — Yours faithfully,
Active Travel Congleton.