Police can reassure the public over tea

Dear Sir, — I understand that the taxpayers of Cheshire East Council are to be asked if they are willing to pay for more policing. 
When the Government allocates money it stipulates a figure, but never states how it is to be distributed among the workforce. 
It appears to be left to the ones at the top — the clipboard brigade on top salaries — to decide. If everyone is allocated the same percentage, obviously the bigger the salary, a bigger amount of money. This means the ones at the bottom become less, so making the wage gap wider.
A few years ago, when more money was given to the police, a police commissioner was introduced who was not a policeman but a councillor, as is the case at the moment. There was talk of having a junior commissioner plus the support staff, etc. How did we manage without them? 
Yes I would like to see more police on the beat who are able to deal with problems without all of the paperwork and bureaucracy involved in sending people to court and reasons that the suspect can evade prosecution.
It is important that the police interact with the public. The Thursday tea at Sandbach Church Hall is a good idea because police can talk to the public and they can feel reassured. 
Using the town halls, etc, in the evening to allow the young to talk with their friends and know they are safe and to learn how to mix and play simple games with their friends is a good use of the police. — Yours faithfully,