Potholes road like patchwork quilt 

Dear Sir, — In reply to Cheshire East’s comments about the inspection to Loachbrook Avenue, in July an inspection was carried out and the person who came said he had never seen a road so bad, and could not understand why they had let it get like that. 
Cheshire East said it had inspected the road three times a year (nine times in all) since 2015, when the road was ruined by 40-ton lorries coming up and down it while carrying out work on an extension to Quinta School.
In three years, they have recently patched up two potholes out of more than 25. one hole outside No 4 is 10ft by eight feet. What is the point of patching this road up? The whole Of Loachbrook Avenue needs resurfacing.
Last week a man came round with a can of white paint and marked out which potholes they were going to repair; he didn’t know where to start, it looked like a patchwork quilt when he’d finished.

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