President deserves to have red carpet

Dear Sir, — Whatever happened to British decorum?
President Trump is due to make a state visit to the UK and, considering that he is a leader of a major, foreign country, he should be subject to our greatest form of hospitality – the red carpet treatment no less. Turkey’s president Recep Erdogan, who was jailed by his country, was welcomed by Sadiq Khan.
The fear is that the president and Melania could react angrily if confronted by hostile protestors.
His visit will include tea with the queen at Windsor Castle and with the prime minister at Chequers. Admittedly this is a short trip, but we should not hesitate in affording the American president a safe and welcoming visit to London.
Two years on it seems, in my opinion, the London mayor has failed in his job. 
For example, London has suffered badly, becoming more violent and more vulnerable to violent criminals. 
Eighty people have been murdered in the capital since the start of the year, with 1,296 reported knife attacks. Knife crime is at its highest level for six years, up 23% since Boris Johnson was mayor.
The whole situation represents what I feel is an improper gesture that will damage Britain in the eyes of the world and insults the UK’s greatest ally.
Opinion does vary over President Trump, but he is critical in the support of Britain post-Brexit, plus he has investment in the UK worth over half a trillion dollars, including hundreds of billions in London.
President Trump will be comparing attitudes of European countries such as France and Germany. His relationship with Mr Macron blossomed and the US president was spared protesting crowds who were kept at bay by the French police.
Mr Khan obviously wants to upset President Trump, which would affect trade, jobs and investment in London by approving various plots, including an insulting balloon. This action will constitute the biggest insult to a visiting, leading politician ever.
With all due respect, Sadiq Khan would be better advised to put London, and the UK, first. — Yours faithfully,
• London mayor Sadiq Khan is not behind the giant Trump balloon, to which Mr Robinson is referring: he has approved the request to fly it. The six-metre orange balloon, which shows the president wearing a nappy, will fly near Parliament at a height of 30m between 9.30am and 11.30am.
“The mayor supports the right to peaceful protest and understands that this can take many different forms,” said a spokesman for Mr Khan, who, as mayor of one of the world’s great cities, has been slandered by Mr Trump more than once.
Former London mayor Boris Johnson wrote implying Recep Erdogan enjoyed carnal relations with a goat, so London mayors insulting people is nothing new – as is insulting politicians, as William Hogarth proves.
• Donald Trump’s campaign said his net worth is “in excess of $10bn”. Forbes estimates his net worth at $4bn. His personal financial disclosure shows Trump has assets worth at least $1.5bn; his stock portfolio is worth between somewhere between $33.4m and $87.9m. He probably does not have “hundreds of billions” invested in London.

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