Put planet before profit Mr Johnson 

Dear Sir, — Given that a climate emergency has been called, I am shocked (but not surprised) to realise that we are almost eight weeks into a new Tory Government and not one emergency Cabinet meeting has been held.
Where is Cobra? What is the Cabinet playing at? This is an emergency; the world is heating up and we are heading for climate crisis. A climate Cabinet was started last October but has as yet failed to meet.
We have had monumental bush fires in Australia, decimating communities and wildlife, and volumes of evidence from climate scientists that the world is heating up.
In the words of UN Secretary General Ant√≥nio Guterres, climate change is an “existential threat to humanity”.
Radical action must be taken to cut our carbon emissions. It is simple and stark — we must stop using fossil fuels and start using sustainable energy if we are going to decarbonise. Addressing the environmental crisis requires a transformational effort from government, and this is not a task for tomorrow’s leaders — it is a task that requires urgent interventions today.
I was shocked and furious to hear that the secretary of state Andrea Leadsom approved energy company Drax’s controversial large-scale gas plant, despite the Government’s own planning authority recommending the plans be rejected on climate grounds.
A High Court challenge against the UK government for its decision to approve plans for Europe’s largest gas plant has been started by Client Earth.
In June 2019, the UK set a target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Another large-scale gas plant makes no sense if we’re to roll out this rapid decarbonisation, especially when so much gas power has already been approved.
David Attenborough this month warned governments to take more action to tackle global heating, pointing to the Australian bush fires as proof humanity’s moment of crisis has come.
Rebecca Long-Bailey said this last October in response to a Climate Cabinet being formed (which has failed to even meet let alone act) and led by Johnson: “There is possibly no one more ill-suited to this role than a prime minister with a history of climate denial, from a Tory government that has dismantled the UK’s solar and onshore wind industries, overseen a collapse in household energy savings measures and stalled the UK’s progress cutting emissions,” 
The Tory government needs to step up and act — fast. We need action now. Planet before profit, Mr Johnson. — Yours faithfully,