Questions remain on traffic study 

Dear Sir, — I write with respect to your front page article in last week’s Sandbach Chronicle regarding the flawed Sandbach VISSIM transport study and the response from Cheshire East Council to a letter from Sandbach Town Council.
Coun Sam Corcoran is reported as stating that a VISSIM model did show that significant congestion was apparent on the A534 at junction 17. 
He is quite correct in that statement but regrettably he was referring to an earlier VISSIM model, which was developed by Highways England when assessing the pinch point scheme at junction 17 and which was further modified and used to assess the additional access for the adjacent Capricorn development. 
This model did not include the A533 Middlewich Road and terminated at the Homebase roundabout. 
Lengthy queuing was estimated in the area and on the A534 at the Homebase roundabout on the approach from Crewe. Queues over two miles long were envisaged, stretching beyond the Wheelock roundabout at peak times. 
Despite this, and substantial protestations from Coun Corcoran, the new enlarged access for the Capricorn development was approved.
When the Sandbach Transport study was developed, Cheshire East used the original Highways England VISSIM model, but enlarged it to encompass the A533 Middlewich Road and London Road as far as Station Road in Elworth in order to establish that this corridor could cope with the additional traffic from all the new developments. 
It is this modified VISSIM model that failed to recognise any queuing on the A534 at junction 17, and which throws doubt on the validity and accuracy of the Sandbach Transport study.
My two questions remain. 
Why did the model fail to recognise queuing on the A534 at junction 17 and why did Cheshire East shelve and archive a report costing over £100,000? — Yours faithfully,