Quick to parrot populist nonsense

Dear Sir, — It didn’t take long for Coun Janet Clowes (“‘Arrogant’ Tory leader in taxpayer comment storm”, the Chronicle, 23rd May) to jam her foot firmly in her mouth, did it? 
Coun Clowes is concerned about the sensitivities of “hard working taxpayers” in specific areas of Cheshire East. Sensing a bandwagon coming their way and eager to clamber aboard, Couns Seymour and Akers-Smith, and indeed an unnamed resident of Wynbunbury, are quick to parrot Coun Clowes’s populist nonsense. They unashamedly dash out the kind of phoned-in responses (say the exact same thing, but change the post codes!) that highlight only an unfortunate eagerness to seize the moral low ground.

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