Remainers must accept Brexit vote

Dear Sir, — In response to the letter from John Lindley regarding my comments on Brexit, the divisive effect he refers to has been brought about by those Remainers who refuse to accept the referendum result.
The results of the UK EU referendum on 23rd June 2016, according to the Electoral Commission, were: remain 16,141,241 (48.11%); leave 17,410,742 (51.89%); registered voter turnout 72.21%. The biggest in our voting history. The question was “Do you want to remain a member of the EU or do you want to leave the EU?” Not complicated.
Just where 38% of the electorate voted to leave according to Mr Lindley is some figment of his deluded imagination.
Just a reminder again of how our voting system works: it is first past the post. The Leave majority was 1,269,501, a very clear majority as announced on the night.
MPs are elected by this same system, laws are passed in Parliament, by this same system; that is how it works. Certainly not perfect, but until it is changed we have to live with it.
I would remind Mr Lindley and others that back in the 2015 general election, UKIP polled 3.9 million votes. The result? One MP. The SNP and Lib Dems together polled 3.9 million votes. The result? Fifty-six MPs, leaving a lot of annoyed disenfranchised voters. Did we go marching to Downing Street? No, we had to accept the result, and yes it took a lot of work, and effort to get 3.9 million votes, but that is how our system is.
His remark about speaking out – like the rest of us we spoke out via, radio, television, local papers, national papers, church halls, and many other venues – it was debated ad nauseam. If after all that he did not get the picture, clearly he did not change his mind but neither did those of us who voted to leave. Not forgetting, of course, the booklet sent to every household in the land completely loaded against “leave” which cost taxpayers £9m before the campaign started. This was after 500 MPs voted in Parliament to give the in or out decision to the British people.
Reading Mr Lindley’s negative remarks about our country and the “problems”, these have been with us most of my life whichever party was in government, and certainly they will not be resolved by unelected, incompetent commissioners in Brussels. If people realised what a shambles the EU project is, most thinking people would want out.
The only comment Mr Lindley made with which I agree, is the total mess that this idiot government is making of the negotiation. — Yours faithfully,


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