Remainers should hang on to flags   

Dear Sir, — In the letter headed “Ditch all EU flags on 1st February” (Chronicle 16th January) Lynda Williams urges the removal of all EU flags and insignia as soon as we leave. They are “the symbols of our enslavement”.
We have done well out of our “enslavement”, which is why all our former prime ministers, whatever the party, the governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, and a substantial majority of businesspeople and employers wanted to continue our membership. The other European nations are mystified by our decision to leave.
The Big Ben Bong farce is likely to set the tone for future developments. 
Glynn Robinson’s rosy vision of other nations rushing to make deals with us is unlikely to materialise. 
The economy might sink into lethargy. The Brexiters would then blame the Remainers for protracting the debate for three years and refusing to cooperate now, indeed trying to reverse the decision.
Hang on to your flags, fellow-Remainers. You might need them again. I am taping mine to the front door. — Yours faithfully,