Reports of potholes are on the increase 

Dear Sir, — Firstly may I wish everyone a very happy 2020 with the hope that it turns out to be a very good year, so that once we have the matter of Brexit sorted we will learn more of all the good ideas from the new team in number 10, Downing Street. 
We will have the implementation of the increase in the minimum wage, which is going to be beneficial to those lower paid members of our society, which is a good start. 
We will have an increase in the number of police officers patrolling our streets, and the improvements to our National Health Service are already beginning. 
Of course, whichever way you voted, I think it can be agreed that another hung Parliament would not be good for the country or its people, so with a good working majority things will move on at a pace, not to everyone’s taste I am sure, but at least we will not have the stagnation that has been prevalent in Westminster in recent times.
Here in Staffordshire the gritters have been in action as winter progresses, and potholes continue to be reported on an ever increasing scale. 
There is also provision for extra investment for safeguarding Staffordshire children, with plans for new homes and a good economic growth plan, major road schemes, and much more for the whole of Staffordshire and Biddulph in particular.
I have mentioned Brexit, and Kay and I have just returned from a nice break in the Canary Isles, when we did hear of the concerns of some British people who live and work in those islands about the situation following our departure from the European Union, particularly on their ability to return home to the British Isles. 
Common sense says if you hold a British passport then there shouldn’t be a problem, but as always, the best action is to check on the advice of the professional bodies and follow that advice. 
One thing we did notice was the pound seemed a little stronger against the Euro, a sign of things to come?
Here I would like to send sincere good wishes to the people of our Commonwealth friends Australia, we will no doubt all have watched in horror as the bush fires have spread throughout their land causing the tragic loss of lives, and the devastation where people have lost absolutely everything. 
I watched in sadness as one lady said all that she had left of her life and memories was ashes, and I know many of you will be including them in your hopes and prayers for an end to all that is currently taking place.
Next Saturday I will be at my usual drop-in session at the Conservative Club on the High Street from 10.30am to 11.30am. If you would like to bring any matters of concern to my attention or just to say hello you will be most welcome, and with the weather just now bright but chilly, as always if you know someone in need of a little late New Year cheer perhaps you could do what Biddolphians always seem to do best, see if you can help or if you think I or your local councillor can help get in touch as there is help out there. — Yours faithfully,

County and district councillor.
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