Resting Place

Millions of stars, a solar system, but on one planet,
Time, space, people, earth, the future, what then,
Babies crying, mother’s screaming, children shouting,
Nerves shattered, doubts, money, where, out of work,
The circle of life, here today, gone by tomorrow,
No one stops to see the view, stand and stare, look
No one sees, children stop playing, silence reigns,
A feather hangs motionless in the air, speechless,
Sometimes on balmy summer days, as suspended.
Looking skyward in search of where they came,
Remembering the tales from the distant past,
It’s said that if one should find a white feather,
In your garden the next morning, it was left by,
An angel who stopped by for a rest during the night,
I often find small fluffy white feathers in my garden.
There’s no shouting or screaming, no need working,
Money no troubles, pension, bus pass, living, alone,
Peace and quiet, my flowers grow big and beautiful,
Grass green, the midnight fox stops by, leaves a bark,
Slumber I do sleep, another feather drops from wings.


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