Road destroyed by contractor 

Dear Sir, — Three years ago, when the contractors building the new classrooms at the Quinta School, started using our little cul de sac as the route into the building site for the concrete trucks, cranes and other heavy vehicles I contacted the councillor for this area to look at the condition of the road.
The councillor, Roland Domleo, came out to look at the road with the contractor and a group of residents and he promised us the road would be reconstructed when the school building was completed. 
This has not happened.
Our road has been destroyed by the contractor. I have written to the highways department, our MP and the chief exec of the council about the awful condition our little road was left in by the contractor, only to be told there is no money to fix it.
I do not understand how the classroom project could have been signed of as complete when the mess left by the contractor was untouched.
The same contractor is back on site building more school improvements; surely a contribution can be taken from contract payments towards fixing our road?
The council should not let this opportunity slip by to help towards the cost of repairing our little road. — Yours faithfully,


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