Road gritting cuts would risk livesĀ 

Dear Sir, — I have happened upon a report that is being tabled at the Cabinet meeting that is proposing the significant reduction in the roads that get gritted each winter. Some 230km or 143 miles of roads will be taken off the gritting plans across Cheshire East; I suspect the majority will be in the rural areas.
As leader of the Opposition, I hope Coun Janet Clowes does not support this ludicrous ill-fated proposal, which will risk this lives of many residents across the borough especially those of us living in rural villages. I ask that the Conservatives challenge this decision at the meeting and gather support from all members across all parties to oppose this folly. — Yours faithfully,

Wybunbury resident.
The Cabinet next week will discuss a proposed “resilient network” of the most important routes in the borough “in terms of connectivity and accessibility”.
At present, the council treats around 1,120km of the 2,700km network (41%). The council also treats 58km of other councils’ roads with 19km of the Cheshire East network treated in return.
It is proposed that 995km out of 2,700km (37%) of the highway network needs routine winter treatment. The new plan sees 103km of previously untreated roads added to the network, 892 km of previously treated roads remaining on the network and 230km of previously treated roads removed.
The proposals would also see 843km of the most heavily trafficked roads in the borough receive an increase in inspection frequency and 516km of lesser used routes receiving a lower inspection frequency.
Under the proposed approach, in some low risk areas it may take longer for the council to identify defects.
Cheshire East roads identified for resilience are the A34, A5020, A530, A538, A49, A5024, A532, A54, A50, A5033, A533, A555, A500, A51, A534, A556, A5015, A523, A536, A6, A5016, A525 and A537. — Editor.