Rood Hill rubbish bins overflowing

Dear Sir, — I’ve seen recently some letters about the concrete wall on Rood Hill, Congleton. 
During the Christmas period I had visitors from another part of the country who, when coming into Congleton via Rood Hill, commented not on the wall but on the long line of rubbish bins, many of which were overflowing, that line the entrance to the town on this route.
We all want to increase recycling but residents should be more diligent about putting their bins back on their own property and not leave them abandoned on the pavement, which is also a hazard for pedestrians, especially those with prams or pushchairs. Visitors may also be greeted by the stench of rotting food when the new food waste recycling starts.
Instead of a Congleton in Bloom award the town will be winning one for Congleton Needs a Broom.
Let’s be responsible citizens and have some pride in our town. — Yours faithfully,