Row over mayor shames the Tories

Dear Sir, — I hope you will be able to print my reflections on the recent Cheshire East Council meeting of 20th February in reply to the letter from Coun Elizabeth Wardlaw on last week’s letters page. I read with interest her referencing the council’s vote on the next Cheshire East Mayor. 
I can’t speak for any group or councillors on their reasons for voting the way they did, but I can comment on what I saw when attending that meeting.
Councillors expressed concerns and voted accordingly. Through the democratic wishes of the council, the deputy mayor was not elected to be the mayor for the next civic year. 
I personally felt sorry for Coun Edgar after the meeting, as it must have been a difficult meeting to sit through, but I also felt sorry for the mayor-elect Coun Sarah Pochin, who was forced to sit in the public gallery after facing abuse from some of her own Conservative colleagues, stating that she couldn’t sit among them.
Coun Wardlaw speaks of the “humiliation of an opposition councillor”, yet completely ignores the very actions of some in her own group in humiliating one of their own councillors — and has the audacity to speak of behaving with honour and integrity in her letter. 
Is it honourable to sit by while your group forces one of your own colleagues to sit in the public gallery or for your group to slow-clap another councillor, as has happened at previous council meeting?
And if this wasn’t enough, how Coun Wardlaw can speak of “shame to the reputation of the council” after the years of mismanagement and scandals that happened under the Cheshire East Conservatives’ control of the council is beyond me.
Perhaps the Conservative group should reflect before trying to preach about honour, integrity and the reputation of the council from some sort of moral high ground that it clearly does not possess. — Yours faithfully,