Smears against Jeremy Corbyn

Dear Sir, — Yet again a senior Tory is caught out pursuing the disgraceful smear campaign against Jeremy Corbyn.
In February, two Tory MPs admitted making factually incorrect statements about the leader of the Opposition. First, Ben Bradley apologised for accusing Jeremy Corbyn of selling British secrets to communist spies and made a substantial donation to a charity of Mr Corbyn’s choice. 
Second, Jacob Rees-Mogg tweeted “Mea culpa, I was wrong to say that Mr Corbyn voted against the Good Friday Agreement. He did not.” 
Now Sajid Javid has been forced into an embarrassing climbdown after an attempted smear linking Jeremy Corbyn with Holocaust denial.
The Tory policies are unpopular. Their performance is shambolic. Their only response is to repeatedly attempt to smear Jeremy Corbyn. I hope such actions will rebound on the Nasty Party. — Yours faithfully,

Labour and Co-operative Coun for Sandbach Heath and East.

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