So why can’t we build G5 network?

Dear Sir, — In recent days there has been, with undoubtedly more to come, much discussion by national politicians about the granting of UK G5 network contracts to Huawei, the Chinese information technology giant.
Have any eagle-eyed Chronnie readers spotted any UK politician asking how come we can’t build our own G5 network? That seems the much more important question to ask. — Yours in puzzlement, 

We once had the General Electric Company, or GEC, later Marconi. It was a world leader in electronics until unwise investment (during the days of yuppies) led to it being caught up in the dot-com bubble. In the mid-1990s GEC was making profits of £1bn, had cash reserves of £3bn, and was valued at £10bn. Post a lot of rash investment burning through cash followed by the dotcom bubble in 2005, Ericsson bought most of Marconi and the rest of the business was renamed Telent, which is still going. Only time prevents the UK creating a 5G network, presumably propped up by Government contracts. So blame Maggie Thatcher and a lack of foresight from successive governments! — Editor.