Some groups more equal than others

Dear Sir, — I was pleased to read in the Chronicle recently that Alsager Town Council will be flying the rainbow flag in solidarity with LBGT+ people, in line with many other towns and villages who are already doing this. 
However, I’m somewhat perplexed at town councillor Mr Michael Unett’s actions.
At the start of this year, Congleton Labour Party was conspicuously silent when one of its Alsager town councillors, Jo Dale, was found to have shared an anti-Semitic post on social media. There was no apology given at all on behalf of the local Labour Party, which certainly sat very badly with a lot of people locally.
Mr Unett is chair of Congleton Labour Party, and as such the buck will surely have stopped with him as to whether the local Labour Party chose to apologise or not in the wake of Mrs Dale’s anti-Semitism.
While I will always applaud actions that publicly promote equality, in this case I find it troubling that Mr Unett decides to stay silent on his own colleague’s anti-Semitism while flying the flag (literally) to celebrate other groups. 
This makes me feel that the Labour Party locally is happy to defend gay rights but while failing to combat dangerous anti-Semitism within its own ranks nationally. 
For me, when I see the rainbow colours on the flag in Alsager, it will be bittersweet because for the local Labour Party it seems that some groups — to paraphrase Orwell — are more equal than others. — Yours faithfully,

Scholar Green.