Somehow it smells of rank hypocrisy 

Dear Sir, — This letter makes a few observation concerning the wildlife trusts’ claims, regarding the environmental damage of HS2, as reported in your paper.
I know not whether their claims are valid. 
However I just wonder why they are blind to the so-called Congleton Link Road. 
Trees, our parents and grandparents knew, butchered by the chainsaw army. Wonderful Cheshire farmland that even predates Congleton tom up to be covered with concrete. Wildlife habitats that could go further back than the Romans, vandalised and wrecked, for ever. 
So, why no shouting from the rooftops by wildlife trusts? Why no protests? 
Why no trust members lying in front of the bulldozers? 
Why no trust members hammering out the message of additional pollution? 
Somehow it all smells of rank hypocrisy to this writer. As to much of their comments: you can trace them right back to when the canals were first proposed. — Yours faithfully,