Space for cyclists and pedestrians

Dear Sir, — While I agree with most of what Coun Suzie Akers Smith has said about cycling I feel that I must take issue with her concerning her attempts to get the bus shelter on West Road relocated.
It is true that the bus shelter does impinge on the cycle way at that point but, even with the bus shelter there is perfectly adequate space for both cyclists and pedestrians since, the footpath and the cycle way are joined at that point. 
I often walk up West Road past the shelter and the volume of both pedestrians and cyclists on that road has never caused me any difficulty or danger. 
In my experience many cyclists do not differentiate between the cycle way and the pedestrian pavement and often use both. 
Even if I am overtaken by a cyclist as I pass the bus stop the cyclist has adequate space to pass safely.
There is neither excessive cycle nor pedestrian traffic in that area so to consider moving the bus stop seems to me to be a totally unnecessary suggestion. 
It seems to me that the location of the bus stop is ideal being, as it is, equidistant between the stops at the Tesco Express roundabout and the fire station roundabout. — Yours faithfully,