Stop animal warfare tests

Dear Sir, — Animal Aid recently highlighted the terrible suffering animals undergo during warfare experiments. 
At Porton Down, near Salisbury, guinea pigs were exposed to a toxic nerve agent and then watched for signs of “writhing” and “gasping”. They only breathe through their mouths when they are in severe distress.
If you find this as horrifying as I do, please ask your MP to sign EDM 2113, a Parliamentary motion that calls for a ban on warfare experiments on animals. You can do this by going to and heading for “get involved / take action” and then “help end warfare experiments on animals.”
So far, 92 MPs have signed the EDM — please follow the link to see if your MP is one of them, and if they are not, ask them to support this very important measure. — Yours faithfully,

Campaign Manager,
Animal Experiments,
Animal Aid.

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