Subjugated for so long by Brussels

Dear Sir, — Sadly I don’t believe there were any street parties — and Heaven knows it’s been hot enough — to mark the EU (Withdrawal) Bill officially becoming law. But it is certainly a long-overdue cause for celebration and everyone in the country should unite and look forward to the day all the Ts have been crossed and the Is dotted and we have shaken off the EU shackles.
It should not have taken two years to get to where we are, and Theresa May needs to show grit and determination to speed up the march towards freedom. 
This country has been subjugated for so long by Brussels that we seem to have lost confidence in our ourselves.
Lord Stoddart of Swindon has described the Government as seeming to regard the negotiations with the EU as some sort of damage limitation exercise, and he pointed out that even the American ambassador is dismayed at the defeatism exhibited by the nation over Brexit.
So many people were not born when we joined the European Union, but they should have no doubt that we are perfectly capable of standing on our own two feet as we were before that ill-judged decision.
The EU Withdrawal Act, as it is now known, means that the 1972 European Communities Act which made the EU supreme over Westminster will be repealed and we can re-establish the supremacy of our own government and parliament. It won’t be a day too soon. — Yours faithfully,

North West MEP,
UK Independence Party.

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