Sun Goes Higher

As daffodils fade away and snow disappears,
It’s time for mowing and sheep to be sheared,
Woolly lambs bleating in fresh green fields,
Buttercup shine on frolicking heels.
Skies getting bluer, bird chorus breaks the day,
Blossoms fill the air on spring-time in May, Gardens are alive, flowerbeds shine,
Countryside echoes happiness in rhyme.
Cheery waysides as dandelions take over,
Green blends yellow while rabbits skip clover, Bursts of gorse, breathtaking colours of gold,
Woods come alive as bluebells unfold.
Heavenly nights with romancing moon,
Croaking frogs unite in orchestral tune,
Trees form a shade as birds cover nest
Butterfly and bees filled with zest.
Rivers dance under bridges and trees,
Twist and turn relentlessly to wild open seas.


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