Surely Australia school was insured

Dear Sir, — For some strange reason our schools have been collecting money to help the children of a burned down school in Australia. 
Of course I have great sympathy for the children who are missing out on their education. 
We have been led to believe that the fires were caused by global warming yet Australia is one of the biggest exporters of coal. 
Furthermore, Australia is not a poor country as its GDP per capita is about 20% bigger than ours in UK. 
Surely the burned down Australian school was insured and I suspect that the final payout will be from London, as insurers always re-insure elsewhere and the buck usually stops at Lloyds here in UK.
I get criticized for my occasional flight to South Africa. I did a quick mental calculation and found that my round trip from Ringway airport to OR Tambo airport in Joburg produces about 1.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide (I divided the total by 500 passengers). 
Now compare this with bonny Prince Charlie who went on a helicopter trip the other day, which reportedly produced 2.5 tonnes of the gas. 
He drives around in an Aston Martin, uses private jets but grows orgasmic onions (or are they organic, I get confused these days). 
When the fellow came to a local pub in town we were given flags mounted upside down! — Yours faithfully,