Sustainable hydro scheme needs you

Dear Sir, — Great to see the article in last week’s Chronicle about young Maddie and Isla badgering local MPs to do more to fight climate change. 
Perhaps the next generation of Congletonians is taking on board the messages that environmental and climate change scientists have been telling us about for years. What I’d like to see now is a snowball effect leading to the entire school-age generation saying a resounding NO to the polluting and plundering behaviour that our population has been blindly pursuing for the past 40 years or more.
But what can the “responsible adults” among us do to foster a more sustainable attitude to daily life in future generations? 
There are already several local groups committed to local sustainability, from initiatives to collect and press surplus apple production to planting trees to absorb CO2 emissions, to running and maintaining open spaces such as Astbury Mere Trust, the new RSPB site off Blackfirs Lane, etc. 
No-one is pretending that small, local initiatives will prevent a climate crisis or halt the reduction in biodiversity that the entire world has suffered. But what we can do is to build awareness into the mindset of the next generation of decision-makers.
A group of unpaid volunteers is developing the Congleton hydroelectric project at Havannah Weir to generate carbon-free electricity from a free and totally renewable energy source (which is currently falling from the sky in vast quantities). 
We are passionate about doing this to stimulate awareness and to provide a local educational resource for all Congletonians, especially the next generation, to enhance understanding of the small things that we all need to do differently to protect the future of the planet. Surely that is important? 
To make this project happen we need your help to raise more capital for the procurement, installation and commissioning of the system. 
Once operating, the surplus funds from the sale of the electricity will be ploughed back into local projects to enhance our environment, and our education programme developed with local schools will ensure that our local children get to see renewable generation in action. 
If you want to help, then buy shares in the society and get an annual payment with an average interest rate of 4% on outstanding capital. For full details and to receive a share offer document see our website — Yours faithfully,
Dane Valley Community Energy.