Take notice of sunburn warnings

Dear Sir, — I am sure that a great many people enjoy waking up each day to beautiful sunny mornings and the news that the good weather is likely to continue for some time but, without wishing to put a damper on that, can I please urge you to take note of the warnings I am continually getting from various authorities, particularly the medical staff and police, that everyone should take extreme care guarding against sunburn, which can be very unpleasant and stressful particularly for the elderly and very young, and expectant mothers. 
If you do know of anyone struggling please make someone aware as there is lots of help available.
Here I must take my hat off to Jacky Nevill and her team for the organisation of this year’s Biddulph Festival. 
To take over from a really good well established group and start from scratch cannot have been easy, but judging from the festival’s launch, and plans for the weeks ahead, they will certainly exceed expectations. 
Just one thing does intrigue me, how has Jacky managed to arrange such great weather — she must have friends on high!
The fact that this has coincided with the week-long stay of the students and teachers from our twin town of Fusignano in Italy is even more impressive, but then again Jacky is also the new chairman of Biddulph Twinning Association and her talent seems to know no bounds! 
On the last morning of their stay with us the visitors certainly seemed to enjoy their stop-over at Biddulph Churches Together Open Cafe and expressed their appreciation of the delicious home-made cakes on offer, rounding off what seems to have been an exceptional week for them.
Like myself and my family there are bound to be so many local people who have celebrated the 70th anniversary of the National Health Service “born” on 5th July 1948 and counted their blessings many times over for its existence. 
It has also been very interesting to see the displays around our town of the photographs of the NHS in days gone by when Biddulph had its own hospital at Biddulph Grange, and general practitioners were embarking upon the opening of their surgeries.
I was chatting to a lady by one of the displays when she was telling me about her relative featured on one of the photographs who had felt quite proud of the role she had played in helping to bring a better life to all. 
I will just say thank you to the patient participation groups of our two GP practices for providing us with these displays.
Kay and I are both members of our practice’s Group, and know the efforts both groups make to fulfil their role as “the patient’s voice”.
Some news regarding sustainable growth. 
The draft Staffordshire Moorlands Growth Strategy developed by Staffordshire Moorlands District Council and Staffordshire County Council sets out a plan for sustainable growth and identifies development opportunities over the next 15 years. 
It has been prepared to provide the strategic vision and context to development proposed in the local plan and also identifies key actions to achieve this vision. 
The draft strategy is now open for public consultation and comments from partners, stakeholders, and you the general public would be welcome. The deadline for response is 24th August, and please send comments to regeneration@staffsmoorlands.gov.uk or staffsmoorlands.gov.uk and search for “growth strategy”.
Isn’t it rather ironic with headlines in the Chronicle this week “Eyesore overgrown grass a health hazard”, and in other publications “Dairy Farmers crying out for rain as they have no grass to feed to their cattle” 
Ah well, as the Chronicle’s editor surely knows, you can please some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time!
Speaking of the Chronicle’s editor, I would congratulate him on publishing the article on the independent review into the sustainability of high quality UK journalism, so true, and his comments will surely hit home with those of us who feel it is vital that our local newspapers not only remain but flourish so as to ensure their future existence for the next generations. 
It is to be hoped that everyone rethinks their actions when relying on social media. 
My oft-repeated phrase “when it’s gone it’s gone”, must not be allowed to be correct in this instance.
For the majority of time, we do seem to be particularly well off in Biddulph with the number of willing volunteers who take on various roles and responsibilities to try to ensure that things are better for a lot of people, and particularly our youngsters who, with the pace of life these days, will surely benefit from good guidance. 
This leads me nicely into passing on a request from Guiding who are really desperate for adult helpers and without that help it could be that the group could close or be forced to join with other groups. 
Apparently there is a long waiting list for Rainbows, and it is not possible to respond to parents’ enquiries as to how long it will be before their child is able to join as the system is that Rainbows go on to be Brownies, but there are no places there as Brownies cannot progress to Guides for the same reason. So the plea is that parents do rally to the call and become involved to ensure that their girls can reap all the benefits of being part of this great tradition.
Well I think that is my lot for this week, other than to say have a very good week. — Yours faithfully,

County, district and town councillor,
Biddulph Moor.
01782 522614.

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