Tax increases will affect local election

Dear Sir, — There was a very interesting letter entitled “Electioneering is not behind the budget” signed by Coun Paul Bates, Cabinet member for finance, communications and ICT. I believe he lives in a dream world.
This was a letter full of facts and figures, starting at £0.5bn and followed by 10 more financial figures ending in 26p. This would have been compiled by a professional financial officer and is so full of complicated financial statements that no member of the public could ever understand the complete package.
Perhaps we should also have been told of the charges that have increased on services and what the latest black hole borrowing figure amounts to. 
This is the fourth financial year in a row that both the town and borough council tax and town precept has been increased.
Our friendly self-promoting Congleton councillor with this letter has started the May 2019 electioneering campaign with a bang. 
It is now certain we will not have to wait long for the opposition to hit back and explain the real facts of the budget, because figures can be manipulated in many ways and Paul Bates has done to order.
I have heard this year there were 400 food boxes made up for the starving people in the area; it is not all the Government’s fault that people cannot afford to buy food. The borough and town councils tax increases do not help matters. — Yours faithfully,

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