That is the will of the British people! 

Dear Sir, — Let’s have another referendum — no, not that one!
I propose we should hold one on whether the EU should give £1m to each and every British citizen.
When this wins by a landslide, the EU will have to give us the money because that is the will of the British people!
The EU may say they cannot do that but we will insist because we voted for it — and it is our will.
In the end, the UK Government may propose a compromise that the EU give each British citizen only £1,000 each but the UK will also insist that it will be the EU’s fault if this leads to acrimonious relations and bad blood between the UK and the EU, because the UK has been sensible and ready to compromise but the EU is still insisting on depriving each of our citizens of most of the money which they voted for!

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