Time to change the law on euthanasia 

Dear Sir, — In my view the desire of the person involved is paramount in the discussion around euthanasia and assisted dying.
Dying is a social activity and it is wrong that people have to die on their own or under any shame, unless that is their wish. I understand the concerns of others, as articulated in your article in last week’s Chronicle, that a process might be misused for personal gain; it is the job of the police and other authorities to prevent that.
I don’t believe, however, that not changing the law because of the fear of its abuse is a sound reason for retaining the status quo.
Laws are designed to promote what is right and prevent what is wrong; sometimes that is easy and sometimes it is not.
Society needs to feel that the laws of the land reflect its views or at least point in a direction that it aspires towards. — Yours faithfully,

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