Time to rethink BAE warehouses 

Dear Sir, — Planning application number 18/3348N appears, at first reading, to be for a site no longer required by BAE Systems and is offered for development. The site is considerably larger than the site on the edge of Crewe Road, which is causing concern because of the unsightly warehouses that are proposed.
The new site mentions proposals of much the same B-type use of space as does the warehouse site 18/2522C. But if the warehouses were on this new site, they would not be the threat to Alsager’s environment and attempt to maintain our rural reputation. 
It has already been suggested that there are other sites nearer to junction 16 that would be more acceptable for warehousing and now this huge site is available. Need the warehouses still pose a threat? Is it so impossible for strategy to be employed for once and some thought go into the allocation and use of land around Alsager?
It has been very disappointing to find that BAE Systems has failed to attend Alsager Town Council meetings and discuss residents’ concerns and suggested alternatives. 
The firm will undoubtedly profit from the sale of lands. Is it too much to ask that the thousands of Alsager residents are eventually happy with how the town is progressing?
I feel that the failure to involve Alsager residents in any discussions is particularly sad, given the past history of BAE and its connections.
I have been researching the history of the impact of BAE on Alsager, from the Second World War, and the positive impacts that it has had on social and economic aspects of life. 
Its presence has contributed to education and prosperity.
I hope that attempts will continue, from town council and residents alike, to appeal to this firm to please continue the positive presence that it has afforded Alsager in the past. — Yours faithfully,


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