Time to tighten up the Hunting Act

Dear Sir, — Now that Brexit has been sorted out (at least in basic principle), is it not time to turn to long-overdue legislation, down to tightening up the Hunting Act?
There is concern about justice from the victims’ point of view, and it is only natural and decent to make sentencing realistic from the point of view of victims of abuse, sexual crime and crimes of violence. When our society requires humane conduct towards sentient animals, and so much animal protection legislation has been updated, can we ignore the continued high incident of wild animals falling victim to suspect hunt activity? 
Cheshire has a particularly high incidence, with seven eyewitness reports received by League Against Cruel Sports in the first six weeks of the current “farmer” fox-hunting season. 
Another organisation is monitoring recorded hunting incidents, in which a hound collided fatally with a car near Malpas and an apparently “bagged” fox was hunted down and killed. Later in the season a campaigner was seriously assaulted by a Cheshire Hunt supporter.
Nothing could demonstrate more clearly, the cruelty and disruption in a barbaric activity that is patently not “accidental” (where is the trail laid, and why were the hounds not called off when they started to take their own line?), or the well documented link between violent abuse of animals and violence towards human victims. 
Almost 80% of the population and the great majority of MPs want the Hunting Act tightened up to close loopholes, with a custodial penalty. There is no reason why the Government should not put this in to practice. — Yours faithfully,