Town crier: mayor has banjaxed me

Dear Sir, — It’s not very often that I am lost for words, but on Tuesday, 11th February the town mayor of Biddulph, in collusion with chief officer Sarah Haydon and Biddulph Town Council, sprang the neatest of surprises on me.
I’ve now been Biddulph town crier for 25 years, and at the February council meeting Mayor Coun Jim Davies delivered his “mayor’s communications”. 
After reading a couple of items out, Jim said he’d better do the next bit properly, and stood up. 
He then proceeded to completely banjax me by delivering his own proclamation, in which he and the town council thanked me for 25 years’ loyal service, and went on to present me with a beautifully engraved silver fob watch. 
Yes, Mr Mayor, you rendered the “Biddulph Big Mouth” utterly speechless!
I would like, through your letters section, to publicly thank everyone who took part in this subterfuge, including my wife Sue and my best friend Tony Birchall, neither of whom I will ever trust again … 
I love being Biddulph town crier, and with any luck and a fair breeze I hope to be shouting at everyone for many years to come. — Yours faithfully,