Traffic headaches way back

Last week we recalled 1958, when a local company was leading the way in recycling farmers’ corn sacks, HT Bott, of Beaconsfield Mill, Buglawton. An average of 70,000 sacks a week were coming in for cleaning and repairing. Messrs Bott were able to extract enough dust to sell in bulk to a firm in the London area. Purely by coincidence, we came across this story this week from November 1959. We reported that sack merchant Harold Bott, whose expanding Beaconsfield Mill was on Congleton’s new industrial estate at Buglawton, had a traffic headache — there was insufficient space for his fleet of vehicles to turn around or even park. We showed a typical scene as a large van, leaving an adjacent factory, nosed its way through congestion. The council had given some land to the factory, then found it wasn’t theirs to give — Cheshire East Council would have been proud. So the problem remained. The crux of it was that the industrial sites were on a cul-de-sac, and the only solution seemed to be a wider road or an alternative route, we said.

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