Travel options for park commuters

Dear Sir, — Alderley Park houses many well paid jobs. Congleton is a desirable residential area just nine miles away. Surely this is a superb opportunity for the town?
I don’t have a statistic but would assume from the volume of traffic up and down the Manchester Road at “rush hour” periods that some of those are Congleton residents who are already employed there.
What travel options are there for such commuters? Well, they could travel by bus via Macclesfield, taking an hour and three quarters each way.
Or they could take the train to Macclesfield and pick up a bus there, more than an hour and a half each way.
They could cycle in just over half an hour, but taking their lives in their hands on the busy A34 in the process. This is probably an option only for the well experienced cyclist.
Or the final and most likely option is that they jump in a car. Fifteen minutes or so later they are there.
It isn’t a difficult choice for a busy person to make. A round trip by public transport of a minimum of three hours to commute to a job nine miles away is not realistic.
So why are there no public transport services between Congleton and one of the best employment areas in the region? 
There is already a bus service from Macclesfield to Alderley Park and one from Alderley Edge station, but Congleton is left out.
Congleton Town Council could undertake a questionnaire through Bear Necessities, or through the Chronicle, to establish potential demand for a north south rush hour route and if the demand exists open up talks with those who already run the Alderley Park bus service to include Congleton.
It might be good for our carbon footprint as well as the air quality. – Yours faithfully,