Vast majority will never ride a bike

Dear Sir, — Following my letter in the Chronicle dated 23rd January the editor had the privilege of writing a factcheck at the end.
It stated that as Coun Suzie Akers Smith was appointed cycling and walking champion by Cheshire East council, she would be failing in her role if she did not work on this.
I have never disputed this. All I said was she should look after the town as a whole, not just cyclists.
I would like to explain that Coun Akers Smith was elected to represent all the residents of the West Ward of Congleton at the May 2019, some weeks before she was elected by Cheshire East council members only as their cycling and walking champion.
As an elected councillor, for the West Ward she is expected to look after all the residents equally, where at the moment it would appear that most of her publicised work is purely promoting cycling.
I can assure all the Chronicle readers that the vast majority of the people in Congleton West Ward and in fact the whole of Cheshire East do not cycle and never will.
All I have been saying to Coun Akers Smith is what about looking after the much larger majority of the residents of Congleton West Ward and the residents of the town in general, who do not want to cycle, which is what is expected of the councillors who were elected on in May 2019. — Yours faithfully,